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8 Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement Rate

Instagram engagement is an important metric that measures how people are interacting with your content. The interaction could include likes, comments, shares, and saves. It helps you gauge the effectiveness of your content.

Before we delve deeper into understanding engagement rate, it is important to know that there’s no ideal number. A good engagement rate depends on a variety of factors. And the average engagement rate on Instagram is 0.98%. Normally, brands look to target anywhere between 1 to 5%. If your engagement rate is below that, it is time to make changes to your strategy.

Now, let us look at the powerful tips that work for Instagram engagement growth in New York and anywhere in the world.

Instagram Engagement

Why Engagement Rate is Important?  

While having a huge follower base can seem to be more enticing for a brand. These followers are not completely worth it if they aren’t interested in your products or services. That’s why it is important to stay relevant to your specific audience. A good engagement rate means that you have a group of followers that can convert into loyal customers.  

Engagement is also a critical ranking factor for the Instagram algorithm. This means higher engagement will make your post, story, or reel more reachable to your audiences.

1. Acknowledge Your Followers  

The first step to driving engagement is to engage with your audiences. This can be done by replying to stories, responding to comments, etc. As your follower base starts to grow, you will get more interactions as well. While it might be difficult to respond to every comment, you can still try to reply to as many as possible. Remember, your audiences are investing their valuable time to like, share, and comment on your posts. By acknowledging your followers, you encourage them to continue their positive actions. 

2. Create More Short-form Videos (Reels)

Short-form video is the most engaging type of social content. If your current content strategy doesn’t involve it, that means you need to change direction. You can create Reels showing tricks, behind-the-scenes, processes, etc. Remember, to keep content informational to provide value to your audience.

At Runway Influence, we focus on creating creative and tailored content as part of our Instagram engagement growth services in New York. Our tailored content production services include content in all forms including short-form videos. 

3. Share Carousel Posts to Tell Your Story in Detail  

Carousel posts are another engaging content format on Instagram. With a persuasive cover slide, users can find it hard to resist the temptation to swipe left. You can include up to 10 photos or videos in a single Instagram carousel post. The multiple slides allow you to tell the story in more detail. This detail is not possible in a single image or video. 

4. Choose the Right Time to Post  

Choosing the right time to post could make a huge difference to the engagement your content receives. The best time to post on Instagram depends on several factors such as your industry, target audience, etc. Additionally, identifying your target audience and when they are likely to be most active is very crucial. 

This requires an in-depth evaluation of data and various metrics. By evaluating all these factors Runway Influence can help find out the right time to post and increase your reach.

5. Use Collab Feature

The collab feature on Instagram allows you to collaborate with industry leaders, brand partners, and influencers. A collab post has a chance to garner higher engagement as it shows in the Feeds of followers of both users. This allows you to get your brand in front of a massive audience.

If you use Instagram, you would have noticed the increase in collab posts. Many brands are leveraging this feature to promote their products and services. 

6. Include Call-to-actions in Your Captions

Adding meaningful call-to-action in your posts is a sure way to increase engagement. You can ask your followers to share recommendations, suggestions, etc. This makes a post more actionable and helps the audiences take the next step in their customer journey. 

Without a strong CTA, your audience won’t know what to do with the information. They’ll scroll to read your post and move on. To avoid this, use the captions and images creatively to inspire your followers to act.

7. Include Giveaways in Your Instagram Strategy  

Giveaways are a great way to boost engagement on your Instagram account. Because everybody likes to get free stuff. That’s why small and large brands use giveaways to grow their following and create buzz about their products. With so many benefits, you should look to include giveaways that are authentic to your brand and enticing to your audience.

8. Encourage User Generated Content

Users on Instagram or any other social media platform prefer authentic content. This increases the value of user-generated content (UGC). Sharing UGC and tagging your followers can instantly boost engagement. This makes it worth investing time in creating UGC. You can not only boost your engagement but also humanize your brand.

Whether you are an established business or a startup, Runway Influence provides Instagram growth services in New York and beyond tailored to your marketing goals.

Contact the team of social media experts at Instagram and TikTok growth agency in New York for safe and proven strategies. 

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