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How Does Instagram Algorithm Work and How to Optimize Your Content for it.

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I’ve devoted countless hours to learning the ins and outs of Instagram algorithms as the founder of Runway Influence. Influencers, companies, and users must keep ahead of the curve as the platform is constantly changing. We’ll explain how the Instagram algorithm functions in this in-depth article and provide helpful advice on how to prepare your material for it.

Acquiring Knowledge of the Instagram Algorithm

The Algorithm Development of Instagram

Instagram has experienced significant algorithmic adjustments since it launched in 2010. Users used to see posts in chronological order at first, which made it quite simple to anticipate what would show up on their feed. Yet in 2016, as the platform expanded, Instagram shifted to a more intricate, engagement-based algorithm.

Making sure consumers see information they are most likely to interact with and enjoy is the goal of the algorithm. It considers a number of things, including as timeliness, relationships, and engagement. Let’s explore these elements in more detail.

Influences on the Instagram Algorithm


What appears in a user’s feed is mostly determined by engagement. High levels of interaction (likes, comments, shares, and saves) increase the likelihood that a post will be displayed higher in users’ feeds. High engagement is viewed by the algorithm as a sign of high-quality content.


Your connections to other people are taken into account by the algorithm as well. It gives content from accounts you interact with frequently more weight, such as by like or commenting on their posts or being associated with them. This enables Instagram to recognize the users with whom you connect closely and display you more of their material.


Instagram still takes into account a post’s recentness even if it no longer works strictly in chronological order. More recent posts are more likely to appear higher in your feed than older ones because the algorithm is built to show you new stuff.


Based on your previous activity, the system also forecasts your level of interest in particular sorts of information. For instance, the algorithm is more likely to show you comparable content from other users if you frequently interact with articles about fitness.


The content you see depends in part on how frequently you open the Instagram app. Your feed will be refreshed more frequently and display the most pertinent items since your last visit if you check Instagram several times per day.


The diversity of items in your feed may vary depending on how many persons you follow. The algorithm will try to show you the posts from the accounts that are most pertinent to you if you follow many different accounts since it will have a bigger selection of stuff to pick from.

Content Optimization for the Instagram Algorithm

Let’s talk about how to improve your content so that it reaches more people and generates the most engagement now that we’ve covered the main elements influencing the Instagram algorithm.

Superior Quality to Quantity

Prioritize producing high-quality material first. Make an effort to create visually pleasing photographs, captivating text, and pertinent hashtags. Higher engagement will come from your time and effort spent creating great material, which in turn boosts your chances of getting featured higher in consumers’ feeds.


To remain visible to your audience, post frequently. Establish the best posting schedule for your particular specialty and audience, and abide by it. Regular publishing not only keeps your current followers interested, but it also tells the algorithm that your information is current and pertinent.

Engage Your Audience

It’s essential to establish a solid rapport with your audience if you want to make your material as Instagram algorithm-friendly as possible. By include questions in your captions, including interactive stickers in your stories, and swiftly replying to comments and direct messages, you may promote interaction. The algorithm is more likely to give your material priority in users’ feeds the more you interact with your followers.

Employ hashtags

Hashtags are an effective strategy for raising the exposure of your content. Use hashtags that are appropriate for your niche and target market after doing some research on them. By doing this, you boost the possibility that your material will turn up in users’ Explore pages and hashtag search results, which will help you reach more people.

Use Instagram Stories as a tool

Instagram Stories are a useful tool for sustaining visibility and engagement on the network. In addition to increasing your chances of showing up at the top of people’ story feeds, submitting stories frequently opens up options for greater participation via polls, questions, and other interactive stickers.

Work Along With Others

You can definitely expand your audience and increase the visibility of your content by collaborating with other influencers or companies in your area. Co-hosted Instagram Lives, guest posts, and joint promotions are all examples of collaborations. You boost your chances of getting new followers and promoting engagement by utilizing each other’s audiences.

Maximize the Time Spent Posting

Your content’s exposure on Instagram can be greatly impacted by knowing when your audience is most engaged there. The optimum times to post should be determined by analyzing your account’s insights, ensuring that the most users see your material at the time when they are most likely to interact with it. To improve your publishing schedule, you can also employ outside resources or general industry best practices.

Develop a Range of Content

In order to keep your audience interested and engaged, try out several content forms. Take advantage of Instagram’s many features, including Reels, IGTV, Guides, and carousel posts, to cater to various user tastes and increase your reach.

Observe and Adjust

Examine the performance of your content frequently with Instagram Insights. Determine the content categories that receive the highest levels of engagement, then modify your strategy accordingly. You can guarantee that you’re giving your audience the most pertinent and captivating information by consistently improving your strategy.

Understanding the fundamentals of the Instagram algorithm and modifying your content strategy in accordance with them will help you stay ahead of the curve despite the fact that the algorithm is always changing. Prioritize developing enduring relationships with your audience while concentrating on producing high-quality, engaging content. You can manage the algorithm and expand your profile on the site by making the most of Instagram’s capabilities and refining your strategy.

Keep in mind that your capacity to adjust, try new things, and improve your approach is the key to success on Instagram. Don’t be hesitant to try out novel strategies, and keep up with the most recent developments and trends. I can attest to the value of remaining up to date and adaptable in a constantly evolving digital landscape as the owner of Runway Influence.

Best wishes for successful publishing and increased Instagram visibility and engagement for your content!

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