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Why Has My Instagram Growth Stopped?

Instagram has become a very competitive platform which makes it more difficult to grow your following. If you find yourself stuck in a rut and your follower count isn’t showing any growth, you are not alone.

Instagram Growth

It can be frustrating, and you may even wonder whether the effort is worth it at all. In such a situation, rather than losing hope, you should look for the possible reasons for this problem.

As an Instagram growth services provider, a lot of clients come to us with similar issues. There can be numerous reasons why your Instagram growth has stopped. Here are possible mistakes that you might be making and some fixes you can try. 

7 Reasons Why Your Instagram Growth is Stuck

1. You’re Not Posting Consistently

As your follower base increases, you need to invest more time in creating content and posting it regularly. Not posting regularly is a mistake that can stop the growth of your Instagram account.

Posting consistently not only increases the reach of your content but also keeps the existing follower base engaged.

Also, by following a consistent posting schedule, your followers have clear expectations from your page. They are also more likely to engage with your content.

By outsourcing your Instagram to the team of experts at Runway Influence you can maintain a consistent posting schedule and reach your target audience with ease.

2. Your Instagram Bio is Not Optimized

To convert the visitors to your page into followers, an optimized Instagram bio is very important. The users have a clear idea of your account by just reading your Instagram Bio.

The same goes for your Instagram grid. By viewing your recent posts, the visitor should get a clear understanding of the content you share.

Optimizing Instagram bio is a great Instagram growth strategy that has worked amazingly well for our clients. 

3. You’re Not Experimenting Enough  

If you don’t experiment with your content, the growth of your account is likely going to stop. Social media platforms keep evolving, what was working a few months ago might not work today. Don’t play it safe, take some risk and experiment with your content to keep your audiences engaged.

4. You’re Promoting Your Products and Services Too Much

When trying to get your business out there, it is easy to get overboard with self-promotion. You’re indeed on Instagram to sell or market, but being less promotional will make your content resonate more with your audience. 

Rather than telling people how good your products or services are, you should post helpful content. Posting content that educates, inspires, or entertains users is a great way to get them interested in your brand. If you overpromote on Instagram your audiences are likely to stop consuming your content.

Instagram growth services of Runway Influence help you maintain a fine balance between promotional and educational content. Our team of content creators excels in creating tailored content that aligns with your unique goals.

5. You’re Not Using Relevant Hashtags  

If you aren’t using relevant hashtags, you are limiting the potential reach of your content. Hashtags make your content easily accessible when users search for related topics. But this doesn’t mean that you add as many hashtags as possible. Using them strategically is crucial to making your content searchable in relevant categories. 

With an in-depth analysis, our team of experts helps find the most relevant hashtags that help increase the visibility of your content. 

6. You’re Not Utilizing the Latest Instagram Features

Instagram is a platform that is constantly evolving and to stay relevant you need to keep up with the latest trends and features. The platform has come a long way since its launch, growing from a photo-sharing app to a vast social media platform. To engage the users, the company keeps introducing new features. As a business looking to leverage the platform, you should look to incorporate the latest features in your content.

 7. You’re Neglecting Engagement

Engaging with your audience actively on Instagram is important to building relationships. Not engaging with your audiences is a big mistake that can affect your Instagram presence negatively. You can respond to user comments, ask questions, and acknowledge their feedback to show your audiences that you value them. Knowing that you value their opinion encourages people to interact with your account.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. Our expert team is happy to answer any of your queries related to Instagram growth. 

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